Lamellar technology: BSC Skincare



Mimic the skin’s protective system

The idea that facial or body lotions mimic the skin’s own protective function is truly a soothing idea. In addition to its excellent skin-friendliness, this system really strengthens the barrier function by replacing lost fragments.

  • Bimiol BSC® - supports a “feel-good skin”
  • The “biomimetic" principle - Learning from nature - mimicking the skin’s barrier layer
  • Bimiol BSC® - a biomimetic protection complex

The skin’s natural lipid barrier

Together with water, the skin's own barrier lipids form an almost impermeable and thus extremely efficient and sealing hydro-lipid layer. Healthy skin is characterized by an intact lipid barrier, combined with a well-balanced transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Irritations through wrong care

Emulsifiers and sufactants that are included in many cosmetic products can wash out the intercellular lipids. This weakens the skin’s natural barrier layer and the transepidermal water loss increases - the skin loses its moisture. Furthermore, the loss of water increases the risk of foreign substances penetrating the skin. This is a phenomenon that often goes hand in hand with infections or irritations.

Bimiol BSC® is different: Care and skin become one

Bimiol BSC® does without classic emulsifying agents for a reason: Our cosmetics base is a lamellar system that resembles the skin's own lamellar lipid layer. With its lamellar structure, Bimiol BSC® is the perfect basis for cosmetic and dermatological products. Electron microscope images have shown this layered structure of Bimiol BSC® that gives the skin what it needs.

Bimiol BSC®: For healthy skin in the long term

Could we spark your interest? If so, use our lamellar technology to develop your new products.

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